Jun 1, 2016

Last Etihad Airways scheduled A330-243 service to Perth today EY486/487

Last scheduled A330-243 service
 Abu Dhabi - Perth
Wednesday 1st June 2016

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2016

Etihad Airways operated there last scheduled A330 service into Perth, Western Australia from Abu Dhabi UAE, today. Flight EY486 operated by A330-243 A6-EYI c/n 730 arrived 14.01hrs landing RWY06 (as seen here above) & departed at 17.15hrs returning to the Middle East operating as flight EY487

Etihad Airways 1st A330-243 flight into Perth
17th July 2014

Photos: MarkLynam
copyright 2016

Co-incidence would have it be that this very same aircaft also operated the airline's first A330 service to Perth on 17th July 2014, (as seen here above) arriving at 14.29hrs landing on RWY03 & departed at 16.44hrs returning to the Middle East. Hexcode: 89613E

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