Jan 30, 2016

Alliance Airlines Fokker 100 VH-FKA departs for Slovakia for maintenance as flight 'SXI-1602'

Alliance Airlines Fokker 100 VH-FKA c/n 11345 departed 13.24hrs to Halim Perdanakusuma Intl Airport (WIHH) Jakarta, Indonesia as flight 'SXI-1602' en-route to Slovakia for planned maintenance. Hexcode: 7C1ABB

Planned ferry flight as follows: YPPH then via stops at WIHH, WMKP, VOHS, OMAL, LTCG & before finally arriving into LZIB.


  1. Thanks for the Information. Managed to catch it at WMKP (1115 local time, 31/01/2016).

    Do drop by my blog once in a while. This Fokker will be there too.

  2. Will do S S Lee, and many thanks for the flight details, this is very much welcomed. Best regards Greg

  3. VH-FKA departed from WMKP today (1115 local time, 16/04/2016).