Oct 16, 2015

Jetstar.com A320-232 VH-VGU JQ117 faulty landing switch delays arrival into Perth today.

Jetstar.com A320-232 VH-VGU c/n 4245 operating flight JQ117 from Singapore & Denpasar with 180 pax on board was forced to climb away on final approach to landing on Perth Airport's RWY21 today, due to an issue relating to a brake failure message recieved by the flightcrew on the aircraft's ECAM (Electric Centralized Aircraft Monitor). 

The aircraft was placed into a holding pattern over Perth's Northern suburbs circling at FL450 for approx 45mins before landing on RWY21 at 11.47hrs with  Perth Airport Fire & Rescue on standby if required. Hexcode: 7C6B3C

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