Jan 15, 2015

Tropical Cyclone Bansi delays Air Mauritius 12JAN Perth flights

Air Mauritius flight/s MK440/441 from Mauritius to Perth scheduled to arrive &depart into Perth on Wednesday 14th January 2015,was cancelled due to Tropical Cyclone 'Bansi' which intensified to a category 4 equivalent storm producing powerful winds up to 240km/h about 600 miles east of Madagascar on Monday.

Major airlines SAA, Air Austral, Air Madagacar operating flights into Mauritus had thier services disrupted to the islands, however all flights are now operating to normal schedule.

A330-202 3B-NBL c/n 1057 arrived into Perth at 03.38hrs today operating as flight 'MK2440' from Mauritius, and departed back to Mauritius at 10.35hrs off RWY21 as flight 'MK3441'Hexcode: 06002A 

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