Mar 29, 2014

Use of photos from this Blog without asking permission is STEALING

It has been brought to our attention that images being posted on this blog page are being used on other webpages on the internet. It is an offence to use 'copyright images' without prior permission from either the photographer & or the moderator.

We understand that Perth has become the centre of news associated with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, and we will continue to post information & photos as regularly as possible.

Please don't Steal our Photos without prior permission, that's all we ask for, we are more than happy for you to use any image.....but please ask first. 


  1. I think that is a very fair call. Why don't people simply ask... 99% of the time people are more than happy to help!

  2. Thank you for your support Lachlan, seems to be a serial offender with images lifted from multiple websites from around the world.