Feb 3, 2014

B777-F1H A6-EFD (1st visit to Perth) UAE4991 / UAE4858 FAOR-YPPH-VHHH



Photos by Mark Lynam
copyright 2014
Emirates Sky Cargo B777-F1H A6-EFD msn 35606 arrived into Perth at 13.05hrs (WST+8) as flight 'UAE4991' ex: O.R Tambo Intl Airport (FAOR) Johannesburg, South Africa landing RWY03 (as seen above) after a flight time of 10hrs.09mins. The aircraft having departed Johannesburg (FAOR) at 20.56hrs on Sunday 2nd February.
Carrying freight associated with US Singer /Songwriter Bruce Springsteen & his E Street Band forthcoming three concerts to be held at Perth Arena on 5th, 7th, & 8th February.
This aircraft was the first of any B777 derivative to make the crossing across the pond from Johannesburg to Perth & only the second ever B777F to visit Perth.
A6-EFD departed Perth Airport at 15.17hrs (WST+8) to Chek Lap Kok Intl Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong operating as flight 'UAE4858'.
Hexcode: 89630B



  1. Boeing testbed 77W N5016R flew "across the pond"

  2. Not from Johannesburg to Perth it didn't, can you supply date & flight details please!