Jan 26, 2014

Qantas B747-438 (ER) flight to Antarctica on Australia Day, 26th January 2014


Qantas B747-438 (ER) VH-OEJ QF2906
Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Antarctica Flightseeing Flights in association with Qantas Airways Ltd, operated a special one off sightseeing scenic day trip to Antarctica today & flying to Casey Station, and over the masses of ice flows & glaciers that is Antarctica. 

Today's flight departed from Gate 12 Terminal 4 at Perth Domestic Airport, with up to 362 passengers paying premium top dollar for the privilege  to experience one of the world's most isolated regions.

Qantas Airways B747-438 (ER) VH-OEJ msn 32914 named 'Wanula' operated today's charter flight & departed off RWY21 at 08.13hrs (WST+8)  operating as flight QF2906.

Today's flight was flown under the command of Captain Rob Meek & Captain Steve Cairns, alongside First Officer Matt Carroll, & SO Andrew Byrne in the flightdeck.

 Route: YPPH 35S16E 40S15E 45S15E 50S14E 55S13E 60S12E 65S11E CASEY and then back the same route. CASEY (S66E110) is a company waypoint created for the Antarctica charters but isn't actually where Casey station is. 

Flying time: of 12hrs.52mins for the round trip, with VH-OEJ returning to Perth landing RWY21 at 21.05hrs (WST+8), just after City of Perth's 'Skyworks' Australia Day show concluded over Perth waters.

Photo: Supplied
Once down over Antarctica the flight crew, overflew over the area giving passengers onboard the best viewing over this wilderness. In yesterdays case, the aircraft flew West towards 'Mirny' before flying back overhead 'Casey' and returning back to Perth.

Flight Fuel: 146.300 (12:52hrs)
Approach: 2.000
VFR: 4.000 (0:32hrs)
FFR: 3.900 (0.30hrs)
Taxi: 1.000
Planned Additional: 20.100 (2:39hrs)
So that gave 16:33hrs worth of fuel

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