Jul 6, 2013

Emirates A80-861 A6-EEH 'EK406' Medical Diversion today (1st visit to Perth)

Emirates A380-861 A6-EEH msn 119
Photo: Darren Koch copyright 2013

Emirates A380-861 A6-EEH msn 119 operating flight 'EK406' Dubai - Melbourne diverted into Perth Airport arriving 01.05hrs landing RWY21 to ITB 56 due onboard medical emergency. The aircraft departed Perth at 04.58hrs re-continuing her journey as flight 'EK406', arrived into Melbourne at 09.52hrs (EST) after a flight time of 2hrs.54mins. (1st visit to Perth) The A380 was re-scheduled to depart earlier than 04.58hrs, but required de-icing allegedly on her wings as frost had settled due to Perth's extreme overnight minimum of 4 degrees.

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