Mar 12, 2013

XXLD PER flights NYEPI Day Indonesia Holiday

NYEPI Day - Is a Hindu holiday and is also represented as a 'Day of Silence' which is commemorated every year, observed from 6am to 6am the following day. Some of the self imposed beliefs are that on this day there shall be no: Fire or light (incl electricity), no working (I like that one), no travelling, self entertainment, partying, and fasting.

As a concequence of some of "the above" two Indonesia airlines serving Perth from Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia  Air Asia and Garuda Indonesia both cancelled flights into and out of Bali for today. Those effected flights were:

12/03: AWQ8410/8411 ; AWQ8512/ 8413 ; AWQ8416/ 8417  13/03: AWQ8410/ 8411

12/03: GIA728/ 727 ; GA724/725  13/03: GIA 728/ 727

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