Feb 7, 2013

More flights for Perth coming soon!

Malaysia Airlines is looking to increase services between Kuala Lumpur and Perth, from its current 10 x services per week to become double daily from September 2013.

Malaysia Airlines recently re-instated MH121/120 from Kota Kinabalu to Perth is also being looked at to increase from the current 1 x weekly flight to 4 x weekly from August 2013.

Cathay Pacific Airways is also evaluating increasing its flights from Hong Kong to Perth,  from its current 10 x weekly flights, increasing to become double daily from July 2013.

Garuda Indonesia Airways is also set to re-introduce its Jakarta to Perth afternoon service from June 28th 2013, the airline's Vice President Bagus Y. Siregar stating that "Western Australia is a very important port for the airline and we are always working to create a more convienient offering for our passengers"

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