Jan 13, 2013

International Flights Sunday 13th Jan 2013

International Flights Perth,Sunday 13th January 2013

Singapore Airlines: 9V-SQJ, SQI, STF, SQJ
Emirates: A6-ECH, EGL, EGR
Qatar Airways: A7-BAN
Garuda Indonesia: PK-GFT, GMF
Air Asia X: 9M-XXG, XXC
Air Asia Indonesia: PK-AXG, AXM,AXI
Malaysia Airlines: 9M-MTC, MXL (1st visit)
Air New Zealand: ZK-OKE
Cathay Pacific Airways: B-HLS, LAJ
Thai Airways: HS-TET
South African Airways: ZS-SLF
Air Mauritius: 3B-NBM
China Southern Airlines: B-6502
Jetstar.com: VH-VGI
Jetstar Asia.com: 9V-JSO

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