Jun 29, 2012

Emirates 3 in 1 today...EWC, EBR, EBZ

A6-EWC B777-21H (LR) msn 35576 operated 'EK424/425' Arr: 00.42hrs Dep: 06.08hrs
A6-EBR B777-31H (ER) msn 34483 operated 'EK420/421' Arr: 17.39hrs Dep: 22.47hrs
A6-EBZ B777-31N (ER) msn 33713 operated 'EK3424/3425 Arr: 20.08hrs Dep: 22.38hrs.

These three flights today combined = 869 PAX (Inbound) and 1029 Pax (Outbound) quiet staggering numbers, when you consider our national carrier is freefalling into oblivion.

Update: It was incorrectly previously mentioned that EBZ was operating a debut service to YPPH, this was incorrect, and the blog has been edited to reflect the error, thanks to Robert for his keen eye.

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