Mar 1, 2012

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 visits to Perth February 2012 in summary

Singapore Airlines 'summary of visits' by Boeing 777-212 & 777-312 aircraft from Singapore to Perth (v.v) on the airline's 'SQ225/224 & SQ223/226' services for the month of February 2012 .

B772: 9V-SQA x1; 9V-SQC x1; 9V-SQE x1; 9V-SQI x 2; 9V-SQJ x2; 9V-SQK x4; 9V-SQL x3;

9V-SQM x7; 9V-SQN x 3; 9V-SRG x1; 9V-SRM x7; 9V-SRO x 2; 9V-SRP x1; 9V-SRQ x2.

B773: 9V-SYH x1; 9V-SYI x1; 9V-SYL x1

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