Oct 18, 2012

Virgin Australia Group :- New aircraft callsign

Effective from Monday 29th October 2012: 

Virgin Australia Group will introduce a new aircraft callsign for there operating fleet of aircraft across their Australian and International operations. 

The airline since conception has operated it's domestic and international flights under many varying different callsigns, those including:  "Blue Bird", "Bluey", "Vee Oz" and "Virgin"

 *It will make for some very interesting listening on the 'airbands' from 29th October onwards, seeing how the pilots adjust to using the new callsign, and how many blunders there will be along the journey*.

The airlines new callsign will be: "Velocity" which is also the name of there Frequent Flyer Awards Programme, how appropriate!

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  1. Very interesting! Thanks for breaking this one to us!