Oct 10, 2012

3 new Airbus A320s + 2 F-100s for Perth Airlines

Skywest Airlines are set to increase thier fleet of Airbus A320 from one to four, with three additional aircraft set to join the fleet.  The first of which should be delivered by Jan 2013.

Updated: 11/10: The airline succesfully won the BHP Billiton contract for Fly in - Fly out of miners & contract workers from Perth to Newman in the states Pilbra region.

Skippers Aviation are adding two Fokker 100 Jets  a new type to be operated by the airline are set to join the fleet also by January 2013. Interesting times indeed!

Note: We apologize for the lack of substance in today's two announcements by the airline's, however will try to keep you best updated as future announcements are made.  Thankyou!

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