Oct 14, 2012

Bangkok Airways A319-132 HS-PGY visit to Perth and other Australian Airports. (Updated)

Thailand's regional airline Bangkok Airways A319-132 HS-PGY msn 3454 named "Angkor Wat" arrived 07.36hrs landing RWY21, after a 4hrs.39mins flight from Singapore's Changi Airport (WSSS) as flight 'BKP62', with '45 pax' and crew on board to ITB bay 55.

The A319 was towed away from Perth's Intl terminal at 09.30hrs today to a remote parking bay on the domestic side of Perth Airport opposite Maroomba Airlines (as seen below).

A319-132 HS-PGY 'BKP62/63' (FP)

Destinations (Arr) + (Dep) times

The aircraft departed Perth at 08.58hrs15/10 for Hobart Airport (YMHB) Tasmania, arriving at 15.23hrs (EDT) after a flight time of 3hrs.26mins as flight 'BKP63' into the Apple Isle.

Departed Hobart (YMHB) Tasmania at 14.17hrs (EDT) 16/10 to Melbourne (YMML) as flight 'BKP64' arriving 15.22hrs after a flight time of 1hrs.05mins.

Departed Melbourne (YMML) at 10.47hrs (EDT) 18/10 to Ayres Rock (YAYE) as flight 'BKP65' arriving 11.56hrs (CST) after a flight time of 2hrs.39mins, and departed at 16.20hrs (CST) to Darwin as flight 'BKP66' arrived 18.14hrs (CST) after a flight time of 1hrs.54mins.

Departed Darwin (YPDN) at 17.54hrs (CST) Friday 19th October, returning  to Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Intl Airport (VTBS) as flight 'BKP67' after a flight time of 5hrs.50mins.

Last prior Bangkok Airways / Siem Reap aircraft to visit Perth was back on 03.07.06, when a visiting ATR-72:500 HS-PGF msn 700 of the airline visited conducting a series of demonstration flights for Perth's Skywest Airlines.

Last Updated: 18.30hrs 19th October 2012

Hexcode: 8840F9

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