Oct 27, 2012

Jordan Intl Air Cargo IL-76MF JY-JID '361' visit #2

Jordan International Air Cargo IL-76MF JY-JID (361) msn 203423808 arrived into Perth Intl Airport landing RWY21 at 17.45hrs today as flight 'RJZ361', having departed ex: Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (YMML) Victoria at 17.00hrs (AEST) off 'RWY16' for the 3hrs.45mins flight across the continent earlier.

Just love this shot!

Photos: Greg Wood (copyright 2012)

Upon landing on RWY21 at Perth, the aircraft vacated the main runway onto taxiway 'Alpha' then into RWY24R then left turn into taxiway 'Whiskey' for shutdown, refueling ect...

The aircraft departed at 19.50hrs returning to Banderainke Intl Airport (VCBI) Colombo, Sri Lanka as same, and was last noted on INO-HF 13306 / 17961 at 20.15hrs (WST) climbing thru FL300 for FL340.

Hexcode: 076C94

Here's a few more photos for your enjoyment taken by Mark Lynam.

Photos: Mark Lynam  copyright 2012

Hopefully one day we may get to see her again 'Down Under'.

Many thanks to all those worldwide who took the opportunity to view this blog, it almost went into meltdown securing a record number views in just over 48 hours, and continues to do so today so thankyou all for visiting.

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