Dec 12, 2021

Conair Avro RJ-85 C-GVFT 'BMBR166' departs after fire fighting duties in South West of WA

Conair Avro RJ-85 C-GVFT c/n 2253 operating as flight 'BMBR166' departed ex: Busselton Regional Airport (YBLN) Western Australia at 08.47hrs to Adelaide Intl Airport (YPAD) South Australia. Hexcode: C07CB2

Note: Operated 5 fire fighting sorties ex: Busselton Regional Airport on Friday 10th December departing at 11.18hrs, 12.15hrs, 13.00hrs 14.56hrs & 15.51hrs making a valuable contribution in suppressing the fire in Busselton / Margaret River region.

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