May 4, 2021

Pionair Bae-146:200 VH-SYO 'SFZ632/633' (YSHK-YBLN-YPLC)

Pionair Bae-146:200
VH-SYO c/n 2108 departed 08.26hrs ex: Exmouth Airport (YSHK) as flight 'SFZ632' to Busselton Regional Airport (YBLN) arrived at 10.17hrs after a flight time of 1hrs.51mins & departed at 09.43hrs as flight 'SFZ633' to Port Lincoln Airport (YPLC) South Australia. Hexcode: 7C5E8E

Note: The aircraft's flight route was: YSSY-YAYE-YSHK-YBLN-YPLC (from 02/05 to 06/05)

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