Jun 6, 2016

Former Virgin Australia / Skywest Airlines Fokker 50 departs Australia to new start up airline Fanjet Express Airlines in Kenya


Photo: Jim Woodrow
Christmas Island (YPXM)
copyright 2016

Former Virgin Australia Regional Airlines (Skywest Airlines) Fokker 50 5Y-FJE c/n 20200 ex: VH-FNF departed Perth Airport (YPPH) at 08.12hrs as flight 'SYU-1602' on delivery to new Kenyan start up operator Fanjet Express Airlines.

Departed Perth: 08.12hrs, arrived Carnarvon: 11.12hrs & departed at 11.45hrs to Christmas Island arrived at 15.44hrs & departed at 16.36hrs to Langkawi, Malaysia. Hexcode: 7C1B29

With thanks to Jim Woodrow & Robert N Smith for photograph & airline information.


  1. hi guys, according to FLIGHTAWARE. the F 50 is still at XCH, having arrived Monday afternoon.
    Not sure what the delay is as yet.
    Merv Crowe

  2. G'day Merv, The Fokker 50 actually departed Christmas Island at 16.36hrs on Monday afternoon for Langkawi. Flightaware does not always provide accurate up to date information and this may have been the case on this occasion.

  3. The aircraft has arrived at Nairobi Wilson, today 1700hrs local time. Quite lovely

  4. hi guys, yes F 50 5Y-FJE arr Nairobi Wilson ok, routing PER/CVQ/XCH/LGK/HYD/SLL/WIL.
    Will be repainted all white same as theor other 2 F 50s.

  5. Hi Merv & Rugby! kayumbet many thanks to you both for your replies. Best Regards Greg.

  6. FANJET have been operating since 2013 and have at least 2 if not 3 other F 50s, 2 other similar companies in the area also operate the F 50, some F 27s and a few HS 748s, all ideal for the rough and ready airstrips they fly into. Three former ANSETT F 50S, FNC,FNE and the former FNF are currently in Kenya as well. The FNF that just left this week was of course not an ex AN aircraft as you all probably know.