Jan 10, 2013

International Flights into Perth Thurs 10.01.13

International Flights into Perth Airport, Thursday 10th January 2013

South African Airways: SAA280/281: ZS-SXH
Emirates: UAE424/425 A6-ECS,UAE422/423 A6-EBK, UAE420/421 A6-E??
Garuda Indonesia: GA728/727 PK-GFR, GA724/725 PK-G??
Air Asia X: XAX236/237 9M-XXB
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410/8411 PK-AXM, AWQ8412/8413 PK-AX?, AWQ8416/8417
Qantas Airways: QF72/77 VH-QPC, QF78/71 VH-EBI  (rotation of aircraft)
Virgin Australia: VOZ4148/4149 VH-YIB
Jetstar.com: JST117/116 VH-VGI
Jetstar Asia.com: 3K111/112 9V-JSO
Cathay Pacific Airways: CX171/170 B-LA?
Thai Airways: TG483/484 HS-TER
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OK?
Malaysia Airlines: MH125/124 9M-MT?

This posting to be further updated throught the day!

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